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Making Memories

A recent study by psychologists Leaf Van Boven and Thomas Gilovich concluded that over time people consistently valued experiences over material things.
The take-away quote was “take longer vacations and cut back on purchases.”
As I look backward over my life, I whole-heartedly agree that vacations, trips, getaways and special places are treasured in my memory more than cars, furniture and other possessions. Just before dinner, I took pictures of several individual couples standing on the back porch overlooking the pasture and the lake. One couple talked about the memories made the last few days here at Whitestone. Canoeing, hiking to see the Scottish Highland cattle, seeing deer and wild turkeys and watching the moon come up over the lake from their balcony.
We really don’t need a psychological study (probably funded with Federal stimulus money) to convince us to make memories and have “Kodak” moments in our lives. Maybe it helps justify the next vacation or time away to experience life’s best.
Paul Cowell