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“hard times” Really???

“Hard times” is a topic that everybody is talking about.  Years ago the church I pastored had a day care center with an after-school program. Late one afternoon an elementary school student walked into my office, sighed deeply, and sat down in a big chair across from my desk.

“Times are really hard” he said wearily . I closed the book I was reading and responded sympathetically. “A lot of people are having a hard time” I assumed Johnny might aware of trouble at home or being bullied at school and I wanted to be supportive to his trouble. Johnny sighed again and explained “I don’t think I’ll ever get 9 times 6. Nines are really hard!”

So much for discussing hard times with a 3rd grader. At Whitestone we are experiencing a rather dramatic increase in occupancy over last year. In trying to analyze this and in talking to guests, they seem to be coming in part to escape the stress and pressures of these uncertain times. Whitestone truly is a “sanctruay for the soul”-a place set apart to relax and refresh for the journey. Come get away from “hard times” and we will even help you with 9 times 6 if you didn’t get it in the 3rd grade