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Christmas Light or Christmas “Lite”

Although Christmas comes at a time of maximum darkness in the Northern hemisphere, the season is symbolized by light,  Candles, lights on trees and houses, Christmas lights everywhere embody the essence of the season for me. Lights heralded the first Christmas in Bethlehem. A star,

The Re-enchantment Of Everyday Life

When I was completing the final plans for building Whitestone I read a book that had a significant impact on the way Whitestone works today. In THE RE-ENCHANTMENT OF EVERYDAY LIFE byThomas More the case is presented for unique distinct places and things that nurture

going green

I know that it is important to save our planet. Recently I read the policies of one inn that seemed to really focus on conservation of energy, time and materials. “Please don’tuse towels just once.” “Don’t call for service inthe room unless you really need

Kayaks, canoes and paddleboats

The American Canoe Association recently commented that kayaking grew by272% in the past 9 years and is the fasting growing segment of its industry. Our kayaks do get a lot of use as our gussts enjoy the serenity of the wildlife/waterfowl refuge. We have kayaks,canoes

PAII conference

The innkeeping conference at Disneyland in LA last week provided a wonderful opportunity to hear about the latest developments in technology for innkeepers. A major focus was the increasing trend to register online at bed and breakfasts. As innkeepers we want to maintain the highest