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A Tale of Two Weddings in East Tennessee

I arrived at Whitestone again today, and have been slowly soaking in the amazing transformation that the change of seasons has brought. The backdrop of hills and trees surrounding Watts Bar Lake, the pastures and even the sky, seem to have shifted suddenly from winter’s black-and-white silent movie to spring’s technicolor film, complete with the welcome sounds of chirping birds.

Spring here stirs a variety of especially warm memories for me, because I was privileged to be both the mother-of-the-bride and the bride in spring Whitestone weddings (though not at the same time, of course!). Both weddings were very different, and each took advantage of the amazing array of options available here in terms of wedding venues, reception types, and character.



My daughter had the wedding of her dreams. Married in the chapel with the full array of bridesmaids and groomsmen, she enjoyed the benefits of a large wedding, set in an atmosphere that was reverent, joyful, and beautiful. At the close of the ceremony, wedding guests entered the Lion and the Lamb, a stunning building adjacent to the Chapel, containing an elegant banquet hall overlooking the lake, with guest rooms located on the second floor above. The reception there included a full dinner for all wedding guests, and music and dancing provided by a band. The décor and colors were beautiful, and guests raved about the food. Deneise and the staff at Whitestone spared no detail in coordinating the arrangements, and keeping the mother-of-the-bride sane and more than pleased.

It was only natural that would I think of this Knoxville wedding venue again, when, after twenty years of being single, I was blessed to be married again. Our wedding took place mid-day in a lovely outdoor gazebo on the grounds of Whitestone. We wanted a more intimate setting, outside, where we could welcome a smaller group of family and friends. Again, Deneise saw to many details, friends filled the gazebo with flowers, and we experienced a simple and perfect ceremony. Afterwards, guests were treated to a an attractive and delicious luncheon on the glassed-in porch overlooking the lake and pastures.



After both weddings, we discovered that many of those attending began to frequently visit Whitestone on their own, which we felt was a tremendous endorsement of our choice in Knoxville wedding locations. So if you, or someone you know, may be contemplating the perfect place to say “I do”, drive out to romantic Whitestone, and look around. Take it from two happily married ladies, it just doesn’t get any better than this!

by: Valerie Bryant Bennett


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Photos by Your Reflections, Knoxville wedding photographers.