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Living the Pointe Life


Reasons Why I Love Living The Pointe Life

People love staying at a bed and breakfast with lake and mountain views like Whitestone Country Inn, and most never want to leave…and some don’t! The Pointe at Whitestone is a property development where you can get the Whitestone views and feel every day!

The Views

Every day can feel like a vacation here, as long as you stop and look around. I love looking out as the sun comes up over the hill and slowly lights up the valley, inching down the trees.

The Homes

All of the homes in The Pointe are beautiful. The colors and natural looks of the residences add to the serenity and beauty. Lots to build on and three luxurious homes are currently for sale.

Residences at The Point at Whitestone Inn Bed and Breakfast TN

Whitestone Amenities

As residents of The Pointe, we have access to the Whitestone amenities. We love taking family hikes on the trails to visit the Scottish highland cattle, feeding the fish in the pond, or strolling through the property looking at the horses. Our kids have gotten their first lessons in how to paddle a canoe and how to sit still and not tip it. They’re really excited about their first trip on the paddleboat.

Visiting the Whitestone highland cattle

Whitestone amenities - paddleboats

Visiting the Whitestone horses


Whitestone is on the edge of a wildlife and waterfowl refuge. From our home, we see turkeys, deer, squirrels, rabbits, groundhogs, and all types of large and small birds. I’ve learned things I never knew. For example, it seems that turkeys really enjoy walking around when it’s raining, and not just a little sprinkle, but a complete deluge. Also, squirrels are some of the loudest creatures around. There are times I hear a large commotion and expect to see a bear or a tank only to see a little squirrel scampering around. Finally, if you scare a rabbit at night with your headlights, it may jump 3 feet in the air, up and down repeatedly while turning in circles (hilarious sight)!


What would you love about living here?