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A Bed and Breakfast, Wedding and Events Retreat on Watts Bar Lake, Tennessee


The Whitestone 2015 Getaway Giveaway

January 2nd, 2015 by Whitestone




With a new year comes new goals, new aspirations, and excitement over what the future will bring. As you chase the next year we want to share a few gifts early on that will let you slow down and smell the flowers.

We want you to experience a getaway. A time to be away with the one you love for a time of quiet reflection and pampering. An opportunity to explore and rediscover what peace and relaxation can bring.

To get the year started off right; we’re hosting a giveaway that gives you 3 chances to getaway with the one you love to the Inn. 

The Prizes

  1. One Free Night at the Inn
  2. One $100 Gift Certificate for Whitestone
  3. Dinner for Two at the Inn


How to Enter

  1. Login to the giveaway box below using your Facebook account or email address.
  2. Enter the contest by leaving a blog comment that finishes the sentence “The Whitestone Country Inn is…” Once you have made your comment click the button in the giveaway box to confirm.
  3. After leaving the blog comment you will see additional ways in the giveaway box that you can get more entries to the giveaway. Share on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, sign-up for our email newsletter are just a few of the ways to get those additional entries.
  4. That’s it. We’ll be announcing the winners on Thursday February 12th.

Private message us on Twitter or Facebook if you are having any issues entering or have any questions and we will be happy to guide you through it.

Enter the giveaway using the box below!

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Be Sure to Like The Whitestone Country Inn on Facebook too.


*Free night excludes Valentine’s Day Weekend.

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Whitestone is Better Than the Laundry Room

January 1st, 2015 by Whitestone



By: Valerie Bryant Bennett

Sitting On The Dryer

dryerMany people equate solitude with loneliness, and loneliness is rarely something we seek. Solitude is very different. It implies being alone, but not being lonely. I read once that no great creative work in art, poetry or music has ever come about without its creator spending long stretches of time in solitude. That makes sense, but solitude, for me, produces peace. There are times when the stresses and strains of everyday life wear me down, and when constant interaction with people (even those I love) drains me physically and emotionally. There are times when responsibilities and problems seem tangled in my mind, and, as my mother used to say, I need to “get the kinks out”.

When I was a single parent of three, the best I could manage at these times was to hide for five blessed minutes in the laundry room, perched on the dryer, praying and taking a few deep breaths. Those small children are adults now, so when solitude becomes as necessary as food or drink, I escape. My husband knows I will return a more amicable and refreshed person after two or three days.

solitude at Whitestone in the early morning - sunrise

Sunrise Solitude at Whitestone Inn

Whitestone’s reputation as one of “The Most Romantic Inns in America” is well-deserved, but it deserves equal credit as a haven for solitude. When the mind and spirit are exhausted, a visit there alone can be a God-send. The scenery is breathtaking.  A walk on the grounds provides panoramic views of pastures and Watts Bar Lake, plus uninterrupted “think time”. The quiet there is healing, the staff warm and welcoming, and the food incredible.

Whitestone wonderfully maintains my sanity, and it certainly beats the laundry room.

rooom photo by: Maine Homeseller

“Wintering” at the Whitestone Country Inn

December 18th, 2014 by Whitestone

winter retreat in east tennessee knoxville



By: Valerie Bryant Bennett

For many people, winter represents a time of cold dismal days…simply a cycle of seasons that must be endured until the grass turns green again, and trees clothe themselves liberally with new leaves. On my way to visit Whitestone this week, I passed through wheat-colored fields and forests of naked trees, and I realized that winter, for me, is a calming time. The fields rest from their production of grass for livestock and crops for people; the trees drop every leaf they have nurtured and clung to, relieved of all duties to shelter birds, or shade lethargic cattle.

winter retreat in east tennessee knoxvilleI often arrive as a guest at the Whitestone Inn full of stress and cluttered thoughts, worn-out from tasks done and un-done. But something happens here that quietly brings a sort of “winter” to my soul. I sleep soundly, and wake to eat breakfast against a backdrop of rolling hills and Watts Bar Lake, and I discover that somehow, my anxieties have lifted. Like the trees, I’ve dropped all those worries and responsibilities that I’ve held onto, and my heart and head are emptied, for a season, of the belief that I must maintain control.

A tree is no less a tree because it stands serene and bare, sensing that this season, too, is part of God’s design. Somehow Whitestone “winters” my spirit, and I leave refreshed, and ready to meet the challenges ahead.

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