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A Bed and Breakfast, Wedding and Events Retreat on Watts Bar Lake, Tennessee


Slow Food or Fast Food

September 6th, 2014 by Paul Cowell

A casualty of our modern pace of living is the way we often eat dinner (supper).We live with so much pressure on our time and emotions that the evening meal is often compressed and fragmented. In more relaxed times, the basic elements of most meals included a sense of unity and presence and intimacy. We sat down at a table. We ate food that was tasteful. Even a sense of ritual was present.
“Fast food” is a metaphor that describes almost everything connected with our meals. Preparation time is hurried. Seeds are genetically modified and intense taste is sacrificed. Once planted the harvest is rushed along by artificial fertilizers and heavily coated with strong chemicals.
At Whitestone dinner is not “fast food”. Intentionally our 5 course dinner takes a while. We serve farm to table as much as possible. Flavors are…well…flavorful! Easy listening music is loud enough to cover conversations from adjoining tables- but not so loud that you can’t talk intimately at your table.
The food is not exotic or gourmet. You will know what you are eating. As an alternative to “fast food” come join us for a return to a slower more peaceful time. Not too fancy but good food is a pleasant atmosphere. Y’all come. Paul

Ultimate Romantic Dinner

August 29th, 2014 by Paul Cowell

Whitestone’s Ultimate Romantic Dinner

Being named one of the Most Romantic Inns in America the first year we opened was no accident. In fact, romance is always a high priority at Whitestone. The fresh East Tennessee air and surrounding lake and mountain views make Whitestone a natural haven for those looking for a romantic getaway, special occasion or simply an unforgettable dinner for two. Weddings, engagements, elopements and anniversaries are just some of the special days we help couples celebrate.

We’re willing co-conspirators when it comes to setting the stage for the perfect place to propose. Whitestone chefs have cleverly hidden engagement rings in food or flowers, for would-be grooms to pop the ultimate question. We’ve provided sunset cruises, live music, and even had photographers hide in the bushes to capture the moment.

If you can think of it, we can make it happen; if you want a romantic dinner and don’t know how to plan it, just give us a call and we’ll do the rest. To get you started, we’ve created the Ultimate Romantic Dinner, an all-inclusive package of food, ambience and service that will provide you and your sweetie an unforgettable dining experience.

The Ultimate Romantic Dinner includes:

• Your choice of the ultimate location to dine …
​- inside, in the intimate private formal dining room at the Farmhouse …
​- or al fresco, in the Gazebo with spectacular views of Watts Bar Lake and the Great Smoky Mountains beyond …
​- or out on the lake, anchored in a secluded cove, on the top deck of Whitestone’s Premier Tritoon Boat.

• Your perfect custom menu selections for an elegant candlelit 5-course dinner, prepared for you by your very own private Whitestone chef.

• A romantically old-fashioned horse-drawn carriage ride to your selected dinner venue.

• A dozen roses on the table, in her favorite color.

• Throughout your dinner, enjoy romantic live music, provided by guitarist and violinist playing nearby.

If the Ultimate Romantic Dinner sounds like just the right experience for you and your special loved one, give Paul or Gabe a call at 865-376-0113.

Whitestone Package – A Day For You

August 1st, 2014 by Paul Cowell



Do you ever just wish you had a secret garden to escape to for a day? Recently several individuals have come to Whitestone without their spouse (also some widows and some widowers). When I asked at dinner what brought them to Whitestone, their answers revealed an interesting pattern of felt need.

Comments varied but showed the desire to have a personal retreat:

“I just needed time to process some changes!”

“I wanted to get away to sit and think.”

“My husband gave me a day at Whitestone to get a massage and catch up on my sleep.”

A college professor checked in today to finish a project on his computer. (We’ve just dramatically increased the speed our internet.)

So here is a “Day For You Package.”

  1. Check-in early
  2. Sleep, walk, lay in a hammock, get a massage, look at the lake and mountains, read, pray – get direction for tomorrow, bring a DVD you’ve wanted to watch
  3. Enjoy good food

Take “A Day For You” and we will treat you like you’re at your mother’s house, where all needs are anticipated and met. Whitestone really is a “Sanctuary for the Soul!”entrance-barn-whitestone-knoxville

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