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The Christmas Season at Whitestone

November 30th, 2015 by Whitestone

I’m often asked by guests, “What is your favorite time of year at Whitestone?” My wife says my favorite season is whatever is next! There is some truth in that.

But December has a charm that elevates this month to the top. First of all, it is the hope that Christmas brings that one day all things will be as they should be—that the DNA left over from Eden will be fulfilled and there will by “Peace on Earth, Good Will to Men.”

We do have our highest hopes and deepest longings clearly focused on events in December. Home, family, food, presents given and received, music, maybe snow, and the list goes on.

At Whitestone we do all we can to create the atmosphere of Christmas.  We are not trying to make you feel “at your home”, but that you are at your mother’s or grandmother’s home. By that I mean that your every need is anticipated and provided. Our guests can just come and receive grace-based hospitality without concern or effort on their part.

The buildings are outlined with lights.  There are Christmas trees and seasonal decorations everywhere. Special menus are prepared. Live music is presented every night. On cool evenings there is a wood burning fire in the great room.  Every guest room has a gas log fireplace.

It’s the most wonderful time of the year.

I am blessed to get to provide a place to celebrate life. A recent guest wrote a review and said, “Being at Whitestone really felt like we were at Paul and Jean’s house celebrating with friends.”

That is a great compliment!

I overheard one of our frequent guests telling someone, “By the time I get to I-75 I’m already homesick for Whitestone.”

Whitestone is a place where there is as much peace as anywhere else I have ever been. I hope you will come see us in December and experience the joy and hope and calm of Christmas as it should be.


Celebrating the Season at Whitestone

Here are ways you can be part of the celebration of Christmas all December here at Whitestone.


Each night in December we will be hosting special Christmas dinners. Live musical performances will take place each night with decorations throughout. Price is $29.95 per person. Call 865-376-0113 for reservations.

Group Christmas Lunches – size 10 or more. Contact us at 876-376-0113 for more information.


December 1 – 31 – Special Christmas Dinners with live music

December 1 & 2 – Voices of Lee Dinner Concerts – [Currently Full]

December 18 – Whitestone Singers Perform during Dinner

December 19 – Christmas Concert with “Between You and Me” (Beyer Sisters) – Free to the public.

December 31 – New Year’s Eve Dinner


A real, 1880’s vintage, one horse open sleigh, beautifully restored sits at the courtyard gazebo. It’s a great photo opportunity during your visit.


All the buildings are decorated inside and out with beautiful Christmas decorations and lights.

Here’s a few photos of the scene at Whitestone.


sleigh lamp_post_christmas front door fire

Anticipating Christmas at Whitestone

November 29th, 2015 by Whitestone

We just had to share this short essay from a frequent guest that shares the anticipation of enjoying Christmas at Whitestone. It’s beautifully written from from minister and singer DaRon Maughon.

Learn more about celebrating the Christmas season at our Tennessee bed and breakfast.

“In a few weeks, our family will make the much anticipated trip to a place we go once a year to celebrate the holiday season. It isn’t on an interstate or in a teeming metropolis. It’s off the beaten path. You have to leave the four lane existence, and slow way down. It has been a part of who I am becoming for 17 years. It’s a place where time cannot go, where frustration is not welcome, and where agendas are rarely found. The air there is different, and so is my breathing. The omnipresence of Love Himself is more evident to me here than anywhere I’ve ever been. The silence is never lonely, and at times, you can hear the birds and the wind inviting you to converse with them. The sun is more vibrant, and the rain is somehow more cleansing. This place has a tangible, mind soaking peace that embraces you from the moment you drive up through the entrance barn. Every toil, care, or anxious thought about the future ceases to travel with you when you turn at the welcome sign. They must remain “outside”. It’s a space of clarity, of comfort, and of encouragement. It is a haven of calm for the hurried heart, and it reconnects you with the One who gave that heart its first hopeful beat.

There is no way to describe in words what this place can do for a life without a clue. The depth of rest and relaxation one finds in this “sanctuary for the soul” must be experienced first hand. The people who await your arrival treat you as if you are the most important person in the world, because to them, while you’re there at Whitestone Inn, you are!

My heart beats fast with anticipation when I see the sign “Exit 352”! As I watch my speedometer go from 75 to 60 to 40, and the incessant “hum” from interstate travel disappears into the gentle whisper of a country trail, there is an exhale I experience that washes me completely, and a smile that emanates from my whole being! I’m gettin’ close. The road has narrowed, and the noise is growing ever quieter. My senses are awakening, and my mind is beginning to relax. Just a few more miles now to the taste of fresh baked cookies, Christmas music, the aroma of gourmet coffees, and the sound of chapel chimes. I can already see the sincere smiles on the faces of Paul, Jean, Gabe, Kevin, Linda, and the whole staff, and I know I’m about to be spoiled, pampered, and cradled in the arms of unrivaled hospitality and grace! This place infuses you with peace, with focus, with rest, and it helps you re-engage with the abundant life you have been given by Love Himself! It is indeed an oasis of refreshing, and a gift, that once experienced, will never stop giving and never stop drawing you back ever so often to its irresistible charms, and its inviting brand of sophisticated “down home” warmth. If you’ve never been, you’re missing out on experiencing one of life’s “blessed benefits”, and once you go, you’ll forever be under its “peaceful spell”! Whitestone Inn will become a part of you, and you too, like me, will count the days, the moments, until you once again, round the bend, descend that hill on I-40 east, disengage your cruise control, engage your blinker, and exit to the south, where that sign directs you, that sign that leads you to peace, to rest, to relaxing enjoyment…”Exit 352″. Maybe we’ll see you there. Merry Christmas!”

Why We Want to Come to Whitestone – 21 Stories

November 10th, 2015 by Whitestone

24 hours ago we opened up our November giveaway with one simple question. What’s the #1 reason you would like to come to Whitestone?

Almost immediately we were surprised by the response and touched by the stories people were sharing.

Here are just 21 of the 390 stories received so far. We’ve removed the names and any identifying information to protect privacy but these are all real comments. Read all 21 below.

The November giveaway continues through November 30. Enter here if you haven’t already!


“I would love to come back to Whitestone again to enjoy some much needed alone time with my sweet husband. He has recently become a pastor at a new church and works so hard and I would love to surprise him with a couple days of rest to recharge. We came to Whitestone several years ago and I still carry the white stone in my purse as reminder of the special time we shared there!”


“When my son, Tyson, was 17 he suffered a stroke. He had brain surgery, ended up in a level 1 coma, spent 3 years in rehabs trying to recoup the balance and co ordination he lost in the stroke. He is now 42 years old and very rarely gets to get away for some much needed vacation time. I don’t get to spend a lot of time with him as he is in Murray, KY going to school right now. I have been to Whitestone twice before. I love the beauty of nature there as well as the Christian atmosphere. Tyson is a very strong Christian man and it would be a true blessing to be able to share some time with him there at Whitestone.”


“Some of the finest (and funnest) getaways we’ve ever had were at Whitestone. I am now 81 years of age and my wife is 79. She is suffering from Alzheimer’s and I don’t know how much longer she will be both physically and mentally able to enjoy all that Whitestone has to offer.”


“I want to rest.

The Goldfinch is the single most peaceful place I can think of. I’ve spent two nights there total. One evening with my spouse before he shipped off to the Navy, and the other in response to a “discount deal” you ran last winter, when a ladies group pulled out of a reservation in response to the snow.

I’ll have you know that in the face of impending separation from my husband, and in opposition of that beautiful (though inconvenient) heavy snow last winter- nothing can penetrate the peace and solitude of “The Goldfinch”.”


“Years pass, time is slipping but at the same time the closeness and spark that was once there slips too. We were at Whitestone earlier this year for the first time. We never felt as close to each other, other than our wedding and first years together as we did at Whitestone. The atmosphere, the meals, and the beauty brought back romance. We want to keep the romance going at Whitestone. We hope to return again. We both found new found love and contentment there. No children, grandchildren, no pets, no work to bother us… just us.”


“Whitestone is beautiful and so very relaxing…..but most of all I want to visit Whitestone again because of the wonderful memories that were made here. Our daughter, Heather Lynn (Jones) Kinge was married in the chapel March, 2008. The visits prior to and following that time have been awesome. Last Thanksgiving our family gathered to give thanks and enjoy a meal together. At that time Heather was undergoing chemo and radiation for Hodgkins lymphoma, so I suggested we all go to a “happy place” to give her a lift during her battle with cancer. Awesome! Again, in the spring we enjoyed Easter Sunday worshiping the Lord in the chapel and dinner with Heather, her husband and their three year old. To me, Whitestone is my “happy place”!”


“I have been to weddings at the Whitestone but unfortunately never been able to stay in one of the rooms. I constantly look at the pictures on Facebook and I’m amazed at all the beauty. It’s mine and my husband anniversary this month. Would love to be able to go and say that I have finally stayed at the Whitestone.”


“The wife and I could use a night away from the craziness of three small children. Sometimes it is hard to carve out time for each other and just to remember we are a team in life.”


“Whitestone is a respite of a getaway. My wife and I visited for our anniversary one year, I re-proposed and we also renewed our vows in the chapel. It was a wonderful experience in a beautiful setting. To visit here is to rekindle romance, reconnect with a sometimes kid-lost spouse, and all of this in a God-centered atmosphere.”


“I know the standard answers are to Relax…Restore….Reflect…Recharge–and those are all perfect answers–but they are overused as the 4 “R’s”! I would add excitement to it! No place I have ever been feels me with as much excitement and anticipation as coming to The Whitestone does! Because you can unwind and truly kick back, Whitestone Country Inn truly is the respite that every stressed soul deserves! Likewise, at departure, I have already begun to look so forward to my next visit and the cycle of anticipation begins again!”


“Several years ago I was looking for a romantic getaway for me and my husband, and after asking friends and receiving some whole-hearted recommendations, I booked our weekend at Whitestone. I was able to pull off one of THE most romantic retreats ever, including a horse-drawn carriage ride and a couples’ massage. Nestled in the beautiful rolling hills of East Tennessee, with a tranquil setting and a spectacular view – I couldn’t have asked for anything more. We had an incredible getaway within a short drive from Knoxville.

With both of us working full time jobs and having four active teenagers (including one in college), even having a single meal alone together sometimes seems all too rare. My number 1 reason I would like to return to Whitestone – is that I love my husband. And I would be thrilled to remind him of that again by taking the opportunity to slow down and return to the breathtaking and peaceful serenity that inherently restores the enchantment in an otherwise busy world through a Whitestone getaway.”


“Whitestone is the most peaceful and one of the most beautiful places we have been. We have wanted to come back so many times and have not been able to. Events happened in our life in May that have forever changed us. I am not a person that cries but I have been the last five months doing so regularly and wondering how my husband and I will get through this. If it wasn’t me crying, it was my husband. School resumed in August and I had to begin teaching again which meant working two jobs again. I have felt like I was going crazy and wondered if this feeling will ever go away. I don’t know when there has a period in my life when I have been on my knees as much or wondered what God’s plan was or how this event could have happened. My husband and I have not been away, alone in years. The ongoing stress has been hard on our relationship. I needed my husband to be strong for me but he was understandably too broken. I can’t think of anything my soul needs more than the peaceful retreat of Whitestone.”


“Whitestone is the most relaxing place I have ever been. It’s a place me and my husband can reconnect. Those two things are what we need right now. We had to bury our son a little over a week ago. So we would like to come to reconnect and relax. Since life has been so stressful lately.”


‘I come with a group of girls, we do a girls weekend. We love it because it’s a beautiful place, off the beaten trail with a charming atmosphere, welcoming hosts, and great food. What’s not to love! We have found it to be a great place for us to unwind and catch up with each other, we enjoy it so much!”


“I don’t. I have had the pleasure of staying at your beautiful inn a few years ago. I would like to win, to send my parents. They have sacrificed and worked hard their lives. They are simple country folks and would never spend the money on them selves to stay at a great hotel, such as yours. They have sent me to the best schools and have helped me with my illness. I owe them the world, because they are my world.”


“We came to Whitestone for our 25th Anniversary – that was 5 years ago now. Whitestone was recommended to us by another Bed and Breakfast owner – he said it was the best and most amazing B & B he had ever experienced. We spent 5 days at Whitestone – it was so relaxing. The food was spectacular, the staff made us feel like family, and the whole property is stunning. We just want to come back!”


“The past few years have been extremely difficult. We all have hurdles to overcome but ours has seemed more like a mountain. After 38 years of full time ministry and my husband always putting others before himself, we are not serving in a pastorate position right now. I would love to surprise my husband with a night to relax and just enjoy each others company right here in East Tennessee.My husband has always put others and their needs before his and I would enjoy doing this for him.”


“I was on personal business in the Knoxville area and Whitestone was recommended to me by a coworker. This was in August and we had just lost our granddaughter. She lived 18 days after she was born, but due to severe heart and lung deformities, she passed away on July 19th. My wife and I thought that Whitestone would be a nice way to get away while still conducting some business. We both felt the presence of the Holy Spirit there and we found much comfort and healing. If we win the free stay, I plan to give it to my daughter and son-in-law so they can have a brief get away and perhaps receive some healing from their loss.”


“As we have aged, driving long distances to get away has become more difficult. We discovered Whitestone Inn, almost in our backyard. It’s a Tennessee treasure. The beauty of East Tennessee is enhanced at Whitestone because of the beautiful lake and landscape. The accommodations are deluxe, the food is exquisite, and the atmosphere is like being in another world. We enjoy Whitestone and its amenities as much as any inn we have traveled to, and its oh, so close.”


“We are missionaries in Mexico and have been to Whitestone twice. Once before we stated ministering in Mexico and once when we had to leave Mexico due to drug cartel unrest. Both times we visited both my wife and I were refreshed after our weekend there at Whitestone. We are in Mexico right now serving as a missionary pilot for a mission hospital reaching out to the Tarahumara and Tepehuan people groups. In fact, this week I am flying patients who have had caterac surgery back to their remote area in the Sierra Mountains of Mexico. Please pray that their spiritual eyes will be opened. We go back to the States from time to time so if we win we could visit Whitestone then.”


“My husband and I celebrated our 25th anniversary there and it was an oasis of peace for us. We wanted to come for our 30rh, but we were not able because I wa diagnosed with cancer in May and because of my chemotherapy we were not able to get away during my. treatments. My treatments are almost over and my sweet husband has been so supportive during my sickness I would love to surprise him with a trip away. God bless you all and all you do for the kingdom of God!”

November Giveaway – Why Do You Want to Come to Whitestone?

November 9th, 2015 by Whitestone

Whitestone Getaway Giveaway Banner

After having thousands of guests coming through our doors over the years we’ve learned some of the common things that people say motivated them to come for a getaway with us.

But even though we think we know – we might not. Help us learn the #1 reason you want to come to Whitestone (whether you’ve been here or not) and be entered into our giveaway. We’re randomly drawing the winner so you don’t feel that you have to give a certain answer to be chosen. Here’s the prizes…


  1. Free room and dinner for two
  2. Free dinner for two

Enter Below

  • Tell us the main reason you want to come to Whitestone.

How to Win

Complete the form above sharing the #1 reason why you would like to come to Whitestone. All entries will be added to our Whitestone Inn email newsletter typically sent 1-2x each month.

Time frame

Giveaway runs through November 30, 2015 at 11:59pm.


To be eligible for this giveaway you must live in the United States or Canada, be 18 years of age or older, and have a valid email address.


Have any questions about the contest. Private message us on Facebook.

Whitestone Getaway Giveaway Banner(1)

5 Tips to Enjoy the East Tennessee Fall Colors

October 6th, 2015 by Whitestone

Fall Colors in East Tennessee at Whitestone Inn

The fall season is one of the most amazing times of the year in East Tennessee. The cooler weather and changing colors provide a time of beauty and reflection that make it unique and special for many people. While many are familiar with the magnificence of the fall foliage in New England and other hot spots East Tennessee is a rival in almost every way.

From the Smoky Mountains with 800+ miles of hiking trails to the Cherohala Skyway driving tour to the amazing lakes, waterfalls and rivers that highlight the fall colors; East Tennessee is a great spot for a getaway to relax, experience the beauty of the trees, and reflect on the past year.

To help you get the most out of the East Tennessee fall colors we share 5 tips you should know to have an amazing experience this year.

Barn and Watts Bar Lake East TN Fall Colors

Time Your Stay for Peak Foliage

The peak time varies from year to year but the last two weeks in October and first week in November should be great weeks this year for the best East Tennessee fall colors.

Know the Elevation Effect

The leaves change first at the highest elevations in the Smoky Mountains and quickly move down to the rest of East Tennessee. If lower elevations aren’t full of color yet driving the Cherohala Skyway or hiking in the Smokies should give you a brilliant display of color and amazing views.

Immerse Yourself in Nature

One of the great ways to fully enjoy the fall season is to get into the forest and enjoy the peace, beauty, and tranquility it delivers. With 4+ miles of hiking trails here at Whitestone and over 800 miles of trails in the Smokies you shouldn’t have a problem finding a trail to enjoy.

Watch the Weather

The average temperature during October in East TN is in the low 70s during the day and high 40s at night. Rainfall is typically only 3 inches for the entire month. But the weather can change quickly so be sure to bring good hiking boots, warm clothes, and a rain jacket so you are ready to venture out and still enjoy the fall season despite the weather.

Fall Colors at the Sanctuary at Whitestone Country Inn

Choose Your Style

Getting out and hiking a couple miles of trails is a great way to experience the Fall colors. For many though a driving tour is a better option. We think The Cherohala Skyway is the best drive. Getting out on Watts Bar Lake in a kayak or canoe is a unique vantage point. Or you can even find a scenic helicopter tour in the Smoky Mountains.


The gorgeous fall colors of East Tennessee are on full display during the month of October and first of November. It’s a great time to enjoy the beauty of the East Tennessee fall colors. Many use our East Tennessee bed and breakfast as a relaxing home base as they explore during their fall getaway or they just enjoy the 360 acres and miles of hiking trails right here on our property. Check our availability or call the front desk at 865-376-0113.

East Tennessee Fall Colors at Whitestone Country Inn Kingston TN

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